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Technical Notes and Manuals

Laser Particle Counter  
PC-2200 (Liquid) PC-2300 (Liquid)
  1. Manual
    [PDF - 333kb]
  2. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet}
    [PDF - 114kb]
  3. SuperCount® Manual
    [PDF - 452kb]
  1. Manual
    [PDF - 367kb]
  2. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet}
    [PDF - 114kb]
  3. SuperCount® Manual
    [PDF - 452kb]
Compatability with Other Particle Counters
  1. Spectrex Particle Counter in Comparison with HIAC. [PDF - 4kb]
Oil Analysis Water Quality
  1. Checking aircraft hydraulic systems with the Spectrex PC-2200. [PDF - 187kb]
  2. Compressor Oil Analysis, avoiding cross contamination from previous samples. [PDF - 8kb]
  3. Monitoring Oil Filter Operation [PDF - 229kb]
    Dennis G. Moreland, President, Moreland Oil Compnay
  4. A major us oil lab critiques the Spectrex particle counter [PDF - 12kb]
    Kurt Parker, Chief Chemist and Particle Count Manager, Oil Analysis Lab - March 24, 2006
  5. Influence of particles on partial discharges and breakdown in oil [PDF - 145kb]
    K.N. Mathes and J.M. Atkins, General Electric Corp. R & D, Schenectady, NY. From Conference Record of 1978 I.E.E.E. International Symposium on Electrical Insulation.
  6. Evaluation of oil samples from centrifugal separators [PDF - 58kb]
    Amitabh Jam, S. Biswas, Sadhna Shrivastava and L.R. Jagga. Reprinted from Tribology International May 1993.
  7. Particle-size analysis of engine oils [PDF - 66kb]
    A supplement to spectrometric analysis.
  1. Florida Water Treatment Plant Uses The PC2300 [PDF - 48kb]
    David L. Tippling drinking water treatment plant 2-10.
    Spectrex Application Note 9-09.
  3. The use of the Spectrex particle counter in water filtration testing [PDF - 31kb]
    William Huml, R&D laboratory at Fibredyne Inc., November 18, 2002.
  4. The use of particle counting for the evaluation of filter performance. [PDF - 20kb]
    Nancy E. McTigue and David A. Cornwell, Environmental Engineering & Technology, Inc., Newport News, VA.
  5. Comparison of techniques in determining water quality for oil wells [PDF - 85kb]
    T. Bates
  6. Using a batch, Spectrex, particle counter and particle standards to monitor and control in-line, met one, particle counters for calibration purposes (abstract) [PDF - 20kb]
    David Eugene Kimbrough, Water Quality & Laboratory Supervisor Lo Labisi, Water Quality Scientist II
  7. Evaluation of the Spectrex laser particle counter model PC-2000 (abstract) [PDF - 60kb]
    By Water Quality Monitoring Dept. Glenmore, Waterworks Calgary, Alberta Canada
  8. Screen filtration technology as applied to pretreatment of reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration systems [PDF - 108kb]
    By Thomas E. Hamilton, Power Products & Services Co., Battle Ground, WA
Pharmaceutical and Medical Sedimentology
  1. The Particle Counter useful for formulation and process developement of parenterals. [PDF - 53kb]
    June 1st 2011.
  2. Factors Affecting the Chemical Durability of Glass Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry [PDF - 22kb]
    JRonald G. Iacocca,1,5 Nick Toltl,1 M. Allgeier,2 B. Bustard,3 Xia Dong,1 M. Foubert,1 J. Hofer,4 S. Peoples,2 and T. Shelbourn1, 12 August 2010.
  3. Development of an electronic technique for determining rate of solution of solid products. M.W. [PDF - 95kb]
    Henley and J. B. Porinoff, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, West Point, PA. Reprinted from Pharmaceutical Technology. September 1980.
  4. Sonicated echocardiographic contrast agents: Reproducibility Studies
    (Extract) [PDF - 139kb]
    Steven B. Feinstein, MD, ¹ Mark W. Keller, MD,² Richard E. Kerber, MD,³ Byron Vandenberg, MD,³ John Hoyte, MA (Cambridge),4 Chris Kutruff, RN, 5 James Bingel, MD, 6 Theodore D. Fraker, Jr., MD, 6 Richard Chappell, BS, ¹ and Alan H. Welsh, PhD, 7 Chicago, Ill., Charlottesville, Va., Iowa City, Iowa, Indianapolis, Ind., Toledo, Ohio, and Redwood City, Calif.
  1. The spectrex particle counter used for sediment analysis [PDF - 3.1kb]
    Joan F. Steurer and Michael B. Underwood, Ocean Drilling Program
  2. Using a laser particle counter to enhance sedimentology laboratory exercises. [PDF - 42kb]
    Mary Jo Hall, Rider College, Lawrenceville, NJ. Reprinted from NAGT Journal of Geological Education. Volume 40 Number 2. March 1992.
  3. The effect of commercial and recreational traffic on the resuspension of sediment in navagation pool 9 of the upper Mississippi River. [PDF - 32kb]
    Miles M. Smart, Ronald G. Rada and Thomas 0. Claflin, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, WI, Dept. of Biology. Dennis N. Nielsen, Winona State University, Winona, MN, Dept.of Geology.
  4. Comparison of Spectrex laser particle counter with Coulter counter and pipette sizing methods [PDF - 44kb]
    Extract from: Poster presentation by Dr. Mary Jo Hall of Rider University at the N.E. GSA Meeting in Portland, Maine, March 1988
  5. Particle-size analysis of silts [PDF - 113kb]
    An Optical Method of Size Analysis for Silt Sized Particles by Zack Alan Clayton, Department of Marine Science, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg Florida
Contamination Control Crystal Growth etc.
  1. Contamination control procedure for hard disk drive parts [PDF - 31kb]
    Worksheet of one of several uses for ultra clean components.
  2. Contamination control through in-situ particle counting [PDF - 59kb]
    John Hoyte, Spectrex Corporation, Redwood City, CA. Proceedings-Institute of Environmental Sciences. 1997
  1. Breaking news report
    Dependence of nucleation kinetics and crystal morphology of a model protein system on ionic strength [PDF - 202kb]
    V.Bhamidi and C.A.Schall, Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, The University of Toledo, E.Skrzypczak-Jankun Instrumentation Center, The University of Toledo.
  2. Crystal seed growths and the possibilities of a controlled crystallization from solution [PDF - 24kb]
    Roland Boese and Markus Nusse, Universitat-GH Essen
Cleaning Parts Lubricants
  1. Monitoring Cleaning Effectiveness Using the Spectrex Particle Counter [PDF - 8kb]

  1. Spectrex Particle Counter used with Lubricants [PDF - 95kb]

Vreeland Spectroscope
  1. A beginner’s guide to the vreeland spectroscope [PDF - 43kb]
    Geology Department University of Iowa
  2. Spectroscope evaluation by Baron Mining Corporation [PDF - 33kb]
    Reith D. Brecheisen, President, Baron Mining Corporation.
  3. Spectroscope evaluation by Synthetic Products Company [PDF - 33kb]
    Robert W. Cook, Analytical Laboratory Manager, Synthetic Products Company.
  4. Using the vreeland spectroscope in a geoscience mineralogy course [PDF - 28kb]
    D. Brooks McKinney, Professor of Geoscience, Hobart and William Smith Colleges. January 21, 2001.
  5. Using the vreeland spectroscope for teaching mineralogy. [PDF - 12kb]
    Dr. William R. Brice, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. August 1998
  6. The use of the vreeland spectroscope for platinum metals [PDF - 14kb]
    J & J Materials, Inc., Neptune City, NJ. August 1980.
  7. Application of the vreeland spectroscope for rapid analysis of stony meteorites. [PDF - 43kb]
    Jerry K. Bitner and Bruce D. Dod, Wayland College, Plainview, TX. Reprinted from Meteoritics The Journal of the Meteoritical Society Volume 14, Number 4,1979.
  8. Qualitative emission spectroscopyin freshman chemistry. [PDF - 27kb]
    Leonard F. Druding and Roger A. Lalancette, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ. Reprinted from the Journal of Chemical Education
  9. Using professional equipment in the beginning geology course. [PDF - 27kb]
    John L. Roberts, Bradford Junior College. Reprinted from the Journal of Geological Education, Volume 18, Number 4, September 1970.
VOC and Ozone Monitors
SXC-20 VOC Monitor Ozone Monitor
  1. Preliminary results: VOC monitoring of CerOx System 4 Operation at UNR. [PDF - 36kb]
    EoSystems, Inc. December 1997.
  2. Sonic Fog VOC Testing. [PDF - 44kb]
    Gary W. Ferrell, AIO Corporation, Fremont, CA. December 1996.
  1. Important qualitative ozone relationships. [PDF - 32kb]
  2. Ozone sensing and leak detection. [PDF - 38kb]
    Lawrence B. Kilham. Reprinted from Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine. September 1995.
  3. UV-100 Manual [PDF - 219kb]
  4. Dom-1 Manual [PDF - 249kb]
  5. A-22 Manual [PDF - 153kb]
  6. A-21ZX Manual [PDF - 97kb]
  7. C-30ZX Manual [PDF - 32kb]
  8. EZ-1X Manual [PDF - 42kb]
  9. OG-3 Manual [PDF - 3kb]
  10. DO3 Manual [PDF - 1004kb]
  11. OS-4 Manual [PDF - 222kb]
  12. RAP-2 Manual [PDF - 77kb]
  13. C-21 Manual [PDF - 29kb]
  14. OS-1X Manual [PDF - 27kb]
  15. DL-3 Manual [PDF - 4kb]
  16. EE-2 Manual [PDF - 59kb]
Personal Air Samplers
PAS-500 Micro Air Sampler  
    Dr. Robert Raguso
    Michel Mulder, MD Ex Pilot
  3. A comparison of active and passive sampling for ozone detection. [PDF - 363kb]
    Fredrick W. Lurmann, Paul T. Roberts & Hilary H. Main, Susanne V. Hering, Edward L. Avol, Steve D. Colome. California Air Resources Board, Research Division, Sacramento, CA. September 1994
  4. Results of Comparison of Flow Rates Between a Spectrex BFM- 10 Pocket Flow Meter and a Gilibrator [PDF - 32kb]