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Particle Counters

HPC 601 Airborne Particle Counter
Six-Channel Hybrid Handheld Particle Counter


  1. Download the HPC 601 Brochure PDF Here

The HPC601 handheld laser particle counter is the latest innovation in the demanding application of airborne particle counting. It is useful in counting particles in ultra-clean environment by its single particle counting ability. The instrument consists of a handheld set with a main base unit that allows users to conduct the sampling with a handheld set while easily expanding to multiple functionalities with a base unit. These extended functions include data downloading, data real-time printing, software upgrading, battery charging, and remote sampling. In addition to USB and RS232 interfaces, the RJ45 interface allows users to conduct the remote sampling away from the sampling location.

The HPC601 is the worlds first hybrid handheld optical particle counter. The instrument is a breakthrough of a new generation of particle counters that combines the traditional handheld instruments with functionalities of portable instruments. It is in compliance with the international standards (JIS B 9925:1997 and ISO14644-1) and supports both metric and English systems. All of its key components are made in the USA, Germany and Japan. It features high sensitivity, multiple functional capabilities, ease of use and reliability for extremely sensitive environmental measurement and advanced applications.

HPC 601 Airborne Particle Counter


  • Cleanroom monitoring
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Filter testing
  • Contamination control
  • Particle size distribution analysis


  • All 6 channels continuously adjustable with 0.1 micron step resolution
  • Sample to sample reproducibility
  • Combine both handheld and portable functionalities with a build-in mini-printer
  • Up to 6000 internal data memory
  • Automatic sampling and excess-count-limit warning
  • USB, RS232 and RJ45 interfaces for data download and remote sampling
  • High precision, digital, external temperature and humidity sensors
  • Durable key pads with a large blue LCD display


Light Source:


Laser diode (>100,000 hours)



0.3 ~ 25 m (six default channels: 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0 m) and user configurable on any channel with 0.1 m resolution




Counting Efficiency:


5020% @0.3m, 10010% @0.45m

Coincidence Loss:


<5% @70,000 particles/liter or <5% @2,000,000 particles/ft

Zero Count:


<1 count per 5 minutes

Flow Rate:


2.83 L /min (0.1cfm)

Sampling Time:


User defined: (up to 59m59s) and auto repeat (up to 99 times)

Count Limit Warning


FED209E and ISO14644-1 standards

Sampling Mode:


Cumulative, differential, concentration (counts/liter, counts/cubic foot)

Error Indicator:


Excess count limit, optics contamination, loss of laser power, insufficient battery power .



USB, RS232, RJ45

Internal Memory:


6000 measurement data (1000 sets)



Removable, rechargeable Lithium battery (7.4V/2800mAh) or 12VDC AC Adapter (100~240V input)

Max. Operating time:


Continuous operation > 5 hours with Lithium battery



Handheld: 185 (H) 90 (W) 48 (D) mm Base unit: 152 (Dia.) 90 (H) mm



< 800 grams (including battery)

Environmental Condition:


Operating: 5 ~ 45C, < 90%RH Storage: -20 ~ 65C, < 90%RH

Standard Accessories:


Main base unit, AC adaptor, iso-kenetic probe, USB data cable, data download software (CD)



Digital temperature and humidity probe, zero-count filter, tripod